Tell Obama: Don't Abandon The Public Option

Tell Obama: Don't Abandon The Public Option

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President Obama will give a major speech to Congress next week laying out a detailed prescription of what he wants to be in the health care bill.

This is a critical moment in the fight for health care reform. The insurance companies have already gotten what they want: all Americans will have to buy insurance. The president cannot allow them to gut provisions that would make premiums affordable -- and he needs to fight for a real public insurance option.

Please sign the petition below and send a personal message to President Obama letting him know that you view the public option as critical to health care reform.

We will deliver your signatures and personal comments to the President before his speech on Wednesday.

"President Obama, we're counting on you to fight for bold health care change -- and to guarantee that families forced to buy insurance are provided good and affordable choices -- including a strong public health insurance option. Guaranteed affordability and the public option are key to breaking the stranglehold that private insurers have over our health care system."

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