Don’t Let Dems Cut Medicare, Social Security for the 99%

Don’t Let Dems Cut Medicare, Social Security for the 99%

The so-called Super Committee took a disturbing step this week, when Democratic members made a major concession to Republicans – proposing $350 billion in cuts to Medicare. And, there are reports that Democrats will make another concession to appease Republicans, changing the cost-of-living formula and cutting future Social Security benefits. With private pensions of the 99% being ransacked by the 1%, the last thing we need to do now is weaken our pillars of retirement security. Sign the petition to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Democratic Leader Pelosi: Don't let the Super Committee cut Social Security and Medicare.

Petition Text:

We the undersigned demand that the Super Committee reject any proposal that cuts Social Security or Medicare. If the Super Committee fails to heed the will of the public, the House and the Senate should reject any such proposal. Poll after poll shows the public does not want to cut the deficit by cutting our own retirement security. Furthermore, the public does support other responsible measures for cutting the deficit, including higher income taxes on millionaires, new taxes on financial speculation and reducing waste in military spending. Support the 99%, not the 1%, and protect Social Security and Medicare.
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