Draw Down Afghanistan. Build Up America.

Draw Down Afghanistan. Build Up America.

The President took a step out of Afghanistan last night. He's heading in the right direction, but plans to sustain the nation's longest war until at least 2014. That pace is too slow and too costly. Osama bin Laden is dead. Al Qaeda is not in Afghanistan. The government in Kabul is too corrupt to be helped. It's time to rebuild America.

Please sign the petition below and help send a message to the White House and Congress: It's time to draw down in Afghanistan, and build up America.

We the undersigned urge the President and Congress of the United States to end our military involvement in Afghanistan as fast as possible, and use the savings to restore the American economy.

After the death of Osama bin Laden, we have fulfilled the objective that took us into Afghanistan. But we have not completed our economic mission at home.

We cannot afford to continue spending over $10 billion a month and sacrificing American lives in an endless quagmire with no remaining clear objective, when we desperately need to create jobs revitalizing our infrastructure, generating clean energy and educating our kids.

We salute the brave efforts of our military forces. It's time to bring them home, and rebuild their home.
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