What Are You Voting For?

What Are You Voting For?

What Are You Voting For?  

The pundits and pollsters are saying people like you are not going to vote. You don’t have any enthusiasm for politicians who pander to the Tea Party, while supporting the priorities of corporations and the wealthy. You’d really like more change, not less. The pollsters may not think you are a “likely voter” who will show up on Election Day. But the pundits and pollsters don't get to decide that. You do.

Tell the media and the nation that you are voting, and why. Make one of the statements below your new profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network of instant messaging service that allows you to upload your picture. Then display it proudly through Election Day to help people remember why they need to vote.

im_voting_for_choice.gif im_voting_for_clean_energy.gif im_voting_for_college.gif im_voting_for_progress.gif
im_voting_for_equal_pay.gif im_voting_for_equality.gif im_voting_for_health_care.gif im_voting_for_jobs.gif im_voting_for_our_future.gif
im_voting_for_peace.gif im_voting_for_education.gif im_voting_for_social_security.gif im_voting_for_the_economy.gif

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